Sunday School 9:00 AM

NEW BELIEVER’S CLASS –Lead by Carol Haskew

We are going to be doing a New Believers Study about Jesus by Angie Smith called Matchless.

“ His story has been told and retold for hundreds of years, but I can’t help but wonder if you’ve missed the part that makes it come to life. The part where he tells you what he has known before time began. The beautiful, impossible, unavoidable, life shaking truth that drips color and life onto black and white pages.

So join me on this adventure as we learn the ways and wonders of our matchless Savior. We may not be able to answer all the questions or fill in all the blanks, but we’ll see the colors of his story and, in his story, find our own.” Angie Smith

MEMBERSHIP CLASS– led by Pastor Eddie Alvarado

Membership class is an in depth exploration of the foundational beliefs that we at Calvary Assembly of God accept as true. We find these truths in the Bible and study these Scriptures together to verify what we believe. Along with these studies, we will also bridge the topics of accountability within the structures of the church organization. Finally, we will discuss the rights and responsibilities of being a member of the local church body. This class is an interactive experience where one will learn through participation–so bring comments and questions!

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