Posted by Calvary Assembly of God of Fort Myers on Sunday, April 26, 2020
Pastor Kevin Sunday April 26, 2020 Sunday Sermon – Ripped Jeans

New Calvary Announcement:
As the stay at-home advisory is set to expire in Florida on April 30, 200, we are endeavoring to rejoin our church in the following ways:
Beginning on Sunday May 3rd, we will launch two congregational services in the sanctuary each with 60 or less in attendance:
• 1st service: 9:00 am
• 2nd service: 10:30 am to include Children’s ministries
· Coffee only will be made available for those attending. No donuts/snacks/breakfast items until further notice.
· Greeting and Meeting in the fellowship hall will be kept to a minimum
· No Sunday school in the classic sense.
· We will be introducing and training those who are willing to be small group leaders to utilize the Zoom online platform to conduct classrooms for Bible studies.
· The launch date for Zoom small groups will be Fall 2020.
· Wednesday evening ministry will return to normal with the exception of the weekly dinner.
· All other events will be examined on a case-by-case basis dependent upon the number of people in attendance and viable space to conduct the event.
· Moving into the future (and with all the proper equipment), we are endeavoring to make all services available online for those who cannot attend or do not feel comfortable attending services at this point.
Additionally tithes and offering can still be given through PayPal on our giving page or by sending a check to:

Calvary Assembly of God
11431 Palmbeach Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33905
God bless you,
Pastor Kevin


Our commitment to you:

Calvary Assembly of God is committed to be a healthy, Holy Spirit filled, Bible preaching church. We are committed to helping people experience a full life in Christ. We are further committed to the following four things so people can experience a full life with Christ.

  We will…

  1. Connect people to Jesus
    (Mark 16:15-18 & 2 Corinthians 5:20) Mark 16:15-18
  2. Chart the course of God’s directives
    (2 Timothy 4:2-5)
  3. Cultivate an environment of excellence
    (Colossians 3:12-25)
  4. Charge everyone to be obedient to fulfill the call of God on his or her life
    (I Corinthians 12:1-11 & Ephesians 4:11-16)

“The Lost are worth it!” – Pastor Kevin

Calvary Life


What defines us? What is the culture in our school/church?


  • We lead with Love
  • We love God
  • We love HIS will & work for our life
  • We love one another
  • We love those who do not love us in return

Biblically Sound

  • We study the Bible
  • We teach exclusively from the Bible
  • We preach the Bible
  • We only teach and live by doctrines that are Biblically based.


  • We are EVANGELISTIC (“the LOST are worth it”)
  • We want everything we do to have a natural connection point for lost people.
  • God expects HIS church to be evangelistic 
  • God anoints HIS church to be evangelistic 
  • God rewards HIS church that is evangelistic


  • We are CLEAN
  • Clean in a physical sense (bodily and structurally)
  • Clean in spiritual sense
  • Clean in mental sense
  • Clean in emotional sense


  • We value your WORTH
  • Everyone has something to offer and we want your offering to God to be utilized–this will make us a mosaic congregation–a tapestry of colors, talents, cultures & abilities.


  • We work intuitively – As we go through or day
  • WE understand what needs to be done – and
  • We simply do it
  • We don’t complain
  • We do it because those details matter to make everyone’s experience better


  • We prefer SIMPLICITY 
  • We do not need extraneous clutter to accomplish our God-given mission
  • We love HIS will &We do need the right tools in the right hands at the right time used the right way.  work for our life
  • We do need things to be clear, understandable, and logical.

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