What defines us? What is the culture in our church? Or rather what do we want it to be?


WE Lead with LOVE

We love God

We love HIS will & work for our life

We love one another

We love those who do not love us in return



We study the Bible

We teach exclusively from the Bible

We preach the Bible

We only teach and live by doctrines that are Biblically based.


We are EVANGELISTIC (the LOST are worth it)

We want everything we do to have a natural connection point for lost people.

God expects HIS church to be evangelistic

God anoints HIS church to be evangelistic

God rewards HIS church that is evangelistic


We are CLEAN

Clean in a physical sense (bodily and structurally)

Clean in spiritual sense

Clean in mental sense

Clean in emotional sense


We value your WORTH

Everyone has something to offer and we want your offering to God to be utilized–this will make us a mosaic congregation–a tapestry of colors, talents, cultures & abilities.

Calvary Life and Values Picture



We do not need extraneous clutter to accomplish our God-given mission

We do need the right tools in the right hands at the right time used the right way.

We do need things to be clear, understandable, and logical.