We had a grand time at Music on the Front Porch last Friday.  The Southland Messengers blessed us with some old-time Gospel music with a flair and we all enjoyed good food and fellowship.

However, the Testimony Time took everyone’s breath away as we heard the “near-death” encounter of our own Don Summerall.  Apparently, he has many more stories he could have shared, but this one takes the cake!

Shortly after a heart-attack, Don had been given little chance of survival by the doctors in the hospital. He had a serious bleeding condition in his brain which required surgery. After the surgery, while in a coma, he was visited by an Angel of the Lord who inspired him to stay strong.  He and his wife, Linda, told the story…

Don shared what the Angel had said which impacted all of us listening to his testimony.  Obviously, Don has much more work to do for the Lord and he is living out his purpose nicely!

Testimony Time

Testimony Time

It’s truly amazing how God works in our lives and we should never cease to praise Him for all He does!

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